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At Sayco Capital Group, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with exemplary service that includes the thorough oversight of your portfolio and a quick response to your concerns. Guided by experience, dedication and integrity, we are here to provide you with the help and support you deserve, along with an approach that helps you achieve your investment goals.

We make every effort to provide unparalleled service that develops strong, enduring relationships. Our services are based on the strict observance of regulatory guidelines, ease of accessibility, and open communication regarding the management of your assets, as well as extensive continuing education to create and maintain the soundness and compliance of your portfolio.

As your full-service agent, Sayco is capable of meeting all of your needs, including administrating, modifying and preparing documents for various loss mitigation resolutions; providing monthly and year-end statements; and collecting, depositing and tracking all payments. We are also experts in foreclosure assistance and REO management.

Our website was designed with your convenience in mind. It allows you to keep up on the latest industry regulations and stay abreast of changes to our company policies and procedures. Should you need further or immediate assistance, we are available by telephone Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Mortgage Note Sales

Over many years of successful individual performing and non-performing mortgage note sales, Sayco representatives have built valuable relationships within the private note-buying sector. Sayco Capital determines the suitability of buyers, assesses the collateral and facilitates the negotiation of the sale. Though our secure back-end sales platforms, buyers from across the country can easily target suitable opportunities and submit offers around the clock. It is Sayco’s priority to keep buyers satisfied with a plethora of revolving product, while at the same time keeping the process simple for the novice investor, therefore creating a loyal contingent of return buyers. To inquire about listing a note(s) for sale with Sayco, contact the Investor Relations department.

Scratch & Dent Disposal

If a company is not prepared, selling “scratch & dent” loans can cause an expensive hit to their bottom line. Years ago, scratch & dent primarily referred to loans that were sub-performing, re-performing or non-performing in their cash flows / payments. Over time, the definition of scratch & dent has morphed into many different scenarios. In today’s environment, any loan that has one or a combination of “defects” stemming from origination, deficiencies in loan documentation, errors made in following regulatory compliance laws, irregular payment history or borrower defaults may be deemed scratch & dent. The Seller plays an integral role in the successful execution of these types of sales. The disposal of such assets can be very profitable if they are accurately presented to the appropriate buyers. Sayco believes the best execution of scratch & dent is a combination of the right price coupled with a high level of service, quick due diligence and dependability.

Loan Workout Assistance

Sayco Capital manages all aspects of each non-performing loan or whole-loan portfolio from acquisition through disposition, including highly detailed and customized loan workout options tailored for each specific asset.

  • Loan Extension or Modification

  • Forbearance Agreement

  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

  • Cash for Keys

  • Deed for Lease

  • Reduced Payoff / Short Sale

Once an individual loan or a whole-loan portfolio is acquired, Sayco immediately begins developing and executing an aggressive workout plan. Each step is professionally handled through our exceptionally skilled infrastructure with a clear understanding that time is of the essence for all parties involved.

Foreclosure Assistance

Our primary goal is to help you find an alternative to foreclosure. However, as your full-service provider, if there is no other option, we can help you with your foreclosure in all 50 states.

In today’s volatile environment, having a team of experienced specialists to manage your circumstances from beginning to end is essential. Generally speaking, our foreclosure and REO management assistance will be more beneficial and less costly for you than handling the situation on your own with another vendor.

REO Management

Sayco Capital Group’s REO Management department is dedicated to accelerating the loss recovery and liquidation of your residential and commercial properties that are failing to perform. When it comes to the recovery process, Sayco employs some of the most cutting-edge strategies in the industry, making our level of efficiency remarkable. Our clients are provided with full-service solutions tailored especially for their needs to either help generate cash flow or swiftly liquidate real estate assets in order to maximize the return on their investment.

A few of the benefits of our REO Management service include:

Property Evaluation and Setup

  • Inspect and secure property
  • Acquire insurance
  • Acquire property tax information
  • Evaluate condition of the property
    • Meet with tenants
    • “Cash for Keys”
    • Eviction
  • Supply a detailed market analysis, including photos
  • As-is and upgraded value
  • Attain bids for property repair, maintenance and clean-out
  • Assess environmental and compliance issues

Listing & Marketing

  • Create marketing strategy, including financial projections
  • Secure a qualified, experienced REO broker
  • Create tracking/monitoring system
    • Frequent updates and consulting
    • Regular property visits
  • Reassess strategy and pricing every 20–30 days


  • Supply monthly status reports on all properties
  • Supply monthly and year-end summary reports on sold properties
  • Supply monthly spending reports
  • Supply 1099s when applicable
  • Maintain records for at least three years

Property Management – Long- / Short-Term Rental

  • Oversee maintenance and repairs
  • Manage cash–oversee reserves
  • Collect/Offset rents
  • Provide monthly inspection reports
  • Choose on-site property manager (when appropriate)
  • Pay property expenses in a timely manner

Negotiation and Closing

  • Accept, counter or reject offers within specified limits
  • Supply a detailed net sheet with all offers
  • Manage the closing process
  • Facilitate the timely receipt of sale proceeds
  • Facilitate the finalization of all services
  • Provide a detailed closing file for tax purpose

***This website is not a general solicitation or advertisement to market any securities. This site is for informational purposes only.

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