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Sayco Capital provides asset management services for highly complex portfolios of mortgage whole loans (i.e., individual mortgage loans) acquired from acquired from exclusive relationships built with various financial institutions. Whole loans include residential first mortgages, home equity loans, second liens, commercial mortgage loans and, possibly, other types of mortgage loans. Our services are provided primarily to investors who share in one or more private acquisitions. Investors procure majority interest in reserved asset portfolios purchased well below current market value assuring an adequate span for a substantial financial gain.

The acquisition process entails the review of individual loans for valuation purposes. Sayco Capital conducts pre-acquisition due diligence and the determination of loan and property values and loan acquisition, through loan servicing and foreclosure mitigation, to liquidation of assets. Sayco Capital provides the fundamental real estate judgments and loan level analysis to support management, servicing, modifications, restructurings, re-sales, and loss mitigation over time. To the maximum extent practicable, the loan portfolio’s credit and market risks will be managed to limit the potential for capital losses. Given current market conditions, initial activities may focus on risk management versus more active portfolio management. If necessary, the portfolio may hold loans until market conditions improve and stabilize. Although specific holding periods may vary the initial liquidation is scheduled for complete disposal within eighteen months.

The process of whole-loan portfolio acquisitions, management and dispositions includes:

  • Receiving and processing files with descriptions of individual loans and portfolios of loans from potentially hundreds of banks

  • Conducting preliminary pre-acquisition due diligence on portfolios of loans and reporting on actual loan characteristics

  • Valuing loans and portfolios of loans offered for sale according to product and performance characteristics

  • Executing and managing the whole-loan acquisition transaction

  • Providing integrated asset management services for loans and portfolios of loans, including acquisition, management, reporting, risk management and asset disposition capabilities

  • Conducting in-depth post-transaction reviews of purchased loans and portfolios of loans

  • Analyzing and transmitting data into systems, and conducting reporting to investors

  • Devising, documenting, and executing loan workout strategies

  • Monitoring the ongoing performance of purchased loans and portfolios of loans, and providing detailed reporting to investors

  • Managing the servicing and liquidation of physical assets and underlying property

  • Maintaining records of all loans acquired and cash flow projections of principal and interest

  • Retaining all documentation and reports

  • Managing accounting systems and reconciling books and records

  • Reporting on loan and portfolio holdings, valuations, and characteristics

  • Reporting on loan and portfolio performance against benchmarks

  • Ensuring that note buyers have access to loans offered for sale



Sayco Capital Group takes pride in creating lucrative opportunities for any size investor. Building on a basic platform of trust, investors will gain access to a wealth of experience and support. We aspire to achieve 100% satisfaction, thus creating a basis for short- and long-term profitability for all involved.

Sayco Capital has a fiduciary responsibility to perform all services in the best interests of our investors. We realize that each investor has different expectations for a particular acquisition. Sayco's main objective is to ensure our investors’ needs are met by offering balanced solutions, from finding the fastest disposition option to turning defaulted loans into performing notes.

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