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Sayco Capital Group is pleased to welcome our new customers. By now, you should have received a welcome letter notifying you that the servicing of your loan has been transferred to Sayco Capital Group.

Although we realize the transfer of your loan can be a frustrating process, we are dedicated to providing you with an incomparable customer service experience as we service your mortgage. We realize that your home is a substantial investment—both financially and personally—and assure you that your satisfaction is our top priority.

Moving forward, the Sayco Capital Asset Management Department will be handling all payments, correspondences, collections and resolution options for your loan. We encourage you to contact us immediately by calling (888) 315-5755 Ext. 2 so we may direct your call to your personally assigned Asset Manager.

Included with the welcome letter, you should have also received two temporary payment coupons to remit your mortgage payments until you begin receiving standard billing statements. You may submit your mortgage payment in a variety of ways. Please see the “Payment Options” section below, where you may choose the manner that works best for you. By the end of each January, you will receive an annual Tax and Interest Statement for the previous year for your IRS reporting.

Again, welcome to Sayco Capital. We look forward to being at your service.



Are you struggling to make your mortgage payments?

Help is only a phone call away...

In these challenging economic times, having someone on your side you can count on when the going gets rough is essential. That is why our skilled Asset Managers are here to assist you with any questions you may have about your mortgage loan and provide you with solutions that suit your unique needs. So, don’t wait—call us today.

Sayco realizes that financial challenges and life changes can affect our customers’ ability to make their mortgage payments. That is why we have options available—including loan modifications—to help them stay out of foreclosure and in their homes.

If you cannot make your monthly payments, refinance or quickly sell your property to resolve your situation, one of the following options may work for you:

  • Loan Extension or Modification

  • Forbearance Agreement

    • An agreement to suspend the sale of a property in default so long as the borrower adheres to the newly negotiated terms

  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

    • The mutual agreement that the borrower will turn the property over to the lender in order to have the debt forgiven

  • Deed for Lease

    • Borrowers complete a deed in lieu of foreclosure, transfer their property to the lender, and then lease the home back at a fair market rate

  • Reduced Payoff / Short Sale

To discuss your options, please call our loan workout department at (888) 315-5755 Ext 200.

You may also call HUD’s Housing Counseling Line at 800-569-4287 for referral to a local counseling agency.



Sayco Capital Group has the following payment options available to our customers:

  1. Automated Payment Service

  2. Standard/Overnight Mail

  3. Telephone

  4. Western Union Quick Collect®

  5. Wire Transfers

Automated Payment Service

Tired of writing checks each month? Use our Automated Payment Service and rid yourself of the hassle. You’ll no longer have to worry about payments lost or delayed in the mail. And, you’ll have a record of your payment on your bank statement, as well as save on postage and the cost of checks.

To use this convenient service, please print and complete the Automated Payment Form. Then, mail the form—along with an unsigned, voided check—to our Payment Department.

Sayco Capital Group
Attn: Payment Department
1048 Irvine Avenue #609
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Please include your Sayco account number on all correspondence.

Upon receipt of the Automated Payment Form and voided check, we will send you written notification of your Automated Payment Service start date.

In order to view these documents, you will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®. Click the button to download this free application.

Adobe Reader

Standard/Overnight Mail

Please print your Sayco account number on the check or money order (cash is not accepted), and send the payment to our Payment Department.

Sayco Capital Group
Attn: Payment Department
1048 Irvine Avenue #609
Newport Beach, CA 92663

If paying by check, you are authorizing Sayco Capital Group to use information on the check to make a one-time electronic debit for each check presented from the account at the financial institution from which it is drawn. This electronic debit will be for the exact amount of the check.


For your convenience, payments may be made via our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system by calling telephone number. If you choose to pay by phone, you will be asked to provide your Personal Identification Number (PIN), checking account number and financial institution routing number. Your PIN is the last four digits of the primary or secondary customer's Social Security number.

By providing this information, you are authorizing Sayco Capital Group to make a one-time debit from your checking account. Sayco acknowledges that the origination of the Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction to your account must comply with provisions of federal law.

Western Union Quick Collect®

Need to submit your payment right away? Try Western Union’s Quick Collect® service. Call (800) 238-5772 to find the Western Union office nearest you.

Questions regarding payments should be directed to:

Account Administration: (888) 315-5755 Ext. 200
Payment Assistance: (888) 315-5755 Ext. 210

Wire Transfers

Please call our Payment Department at (888) 315-5755 Ext. 210 to receive wire instructions.

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